Movin’ on up

It’s true, I moved in last weekend. Just in time to host friends visiting from NZ. The last couple weeks have been a flurry of priming, painting, and polyurethaning. Not to mention packing, cleaning, unpacking and trying to find space for all my stuff. OMG, so much stuff. There aren’t too many interesting shots to be had at this point, what with the cardboard boxes piled everywhere. Until I get it sorted, here are a couple of things that we have been working on along the way:

The scary corner of the kitchen is all painted.

Starting to look like a kitchen.

Sink and cabinet. That is working plumbing, folks!

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1 Response to Movin’ on up

  1. Maggie says:

    Congrats on moving in! That’s wonderful, even if things are still a tad chaotic.
    Things continue to move in the right direction!
    Maggie 🙂

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