Picture this

After last week’s lengthy missive this week is less talk, more action.

All the windows are in. They look great!

The granite sills were painted at one time. I will be removing that paint eventually.

The insulation detail around the interior window opening. That's two inches of foam for R10.

With the drywall returns installed.

The only thing missing is the window ledge. It will be a chunk of solid wood, species and colour to be determined.

The full effect. They look great. Did I mention that already?

Indoor plumbing!

Prepping the brick for painting. The right side of the vertical line shows what it looks like after 110 years of crud was scrubbed off.

Dr M demonstrates her painting technique.

The interior porch doorway framing is done.

That is custom milled trim by Gerry. In order to match....

the existing trim. Of course, it needs a good going-over, but I like the simplicity of it. I think it is true to its humble barracks roots.

We finished up the side jamb of the back door. Here it is with air spaces and exposed brick.

So we foamed the gaps and covered the brick in board foam.

And covered it with pine, which will get a coating of shellac on the knots and then primed and painted.

Repeat on other side and top.

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2 Responses to Picture this

  1. Jay says:

    Is that the half/full flush button over the toilet? Why isn’t it bigger? 🙂

    Everything looks great!

  2. Maggie says:

    LOVE those windows!! 🙂

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