Bath update

We finished the wall tile in the bathroom last week. I will say one thing about it – it is very, very white. To mix things up a bit, I picked up a marble tile and we cut it to fit the window ledge. It has a bit of a slope so the water will drain away from the window. My bright idea for the wall mirror in the tub is bringing about some unexpected consequences. I can’t say for sure until it is installed, but based on viewing angles it may be possible to see into the bathroom from the kitchen. Not a big deal, I guess from someone who thinks it’s cool to have a skylight over the toilet. Apparently I don’t have any qualms about privacy. My little nieces have already gone on record to say that they will never use the bathroom at my house because of the skylight. They don’t want the planes flying overhead to see them in the loo. I have to give them credit for critical thinking skills. Wait until they find out that I don’t have a bathroom door.

The bathroom floor is still unfinished and I am chickening out on my idea to seal the concrete and leave it exposed. It sure seems like it needs more colour than cement grey in there. The nice part is, the floor is only 5 feet by 5 feet and will not be obstructed with either a toilet or sink since they both will be wall mounted. If I change my mind later, it won’t be hard to add flooring. Maybe I will stain the concete and then seal it. We’ll see. 

The is the bathroom pre-tile

Post-tile, pre-grout.

With grout and paint, still needs mirror.

The toilet and sink locations.

Window detail with a view to the outdoor half bath.

The doorway but no door. Yet.

Watch your step.

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3 Responses to Bath update

  1. Rachel Macquarrie says:

    A crystal chandelier would perk the place up a bit.

    P.S. in the living room

  2. Maggie says:

    I say seal that concrete! You can accessorize with colour in tons of other ways. Its’ looking really great! Maggie

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