Sneak Peek

The windows have arrived and are in storage until the drywall is finished. While that is happening, we also decided to to finish off the bathroom. That means we have to install the wall tiles around the tub, which includes the window ledge. So the window has to be installed first. (That’s right, there is a window in the tub area. Is that weird? I can’t tell anymore.) Martin picked up the bathroom window yesterday so he could install it.  We are using this as an opportunity to work out the flashing details around the window. All I know at this point is it will involve self-adhered rubberized asphalt membrane (or Blueskin as it’s known on the street).

The bathroom window is so very tiny. It’s also different from the others in that it is an in-swing casement and it is stained medium brown. The rest of the windows are double hung, meaning they slide up and down, and they will be clear pine inside. I dropped by yesterday because the suspense was killing me, I had to see that window. The guys were in the process of installing a plywood window buck and some Blueskin and were happy to show me a simulated version of what it might look once installed. Exciting!

Let the sun shine in

Some of the window flashing detail

The inside face of the window without handle.

Not quite installed, but lookin' good.

Lots of window for such a tiny space

Watch this space. Wall tile coming soon.

Oh, and living room drywall is up.

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2 Responses to Sneak Peek

  1. Maggie says:

    OooohhhHHHHhhhhoooooo, windows! That’s soooo exciting (disclaimer: I realize only building people like you and I might get this excited about windows and blueskin)….can’t wait to see those pretty greens installed! ; )

  2. Jay says:

    Let the sequential dependencies begin! (I know they have already…)

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