Drywall, gyproc, gypsum board – call it what you like, but sheets and sheets of it came in through the window. This particular product is manufactured by Canadian Gypsum Company. They have a quarry near Windsor NS, less than a one hour drive from here. I like to think at least some of the content of this board is local even though it did Come From Away. There is quite a bit of gyspum mining in NS, including Cape Breton. Some days you can find chunks of it washed up on the beach. Now that would be quite a DIY project.

Loft partially finished

Loft mostly finished


Front bedroom

Back bedroom

Back bedroom with tape and mud

Upstairs hallway

Downstairs hallway


Kitchen - new back door and space for heater

Lumpy area at back door filled with wiring and ducts

Lumpy thing with corner bead

Front porch

Downstairs hallway



It’s worth mentioning that the back door is a nice old solid five-panel that I bought for $95 at Renovators Resource. They said it came from one of the properties on the Anglican Church grounds at College Street. It’s nice to get the back story and it is fitting that it is being re-used in the Churchfield Barracks.   My plan is to cut out the top three panels and insert a glass window. The beauty of this is that Martin and Gerry built the whole frame by hand.

Mighty fine!

View from outside

Gerry installed the lockset. It's smooth as buttah!

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