The Great Frame-Up

Framing pics! This is definitely one great job by Martin, Gerry and Billy. The existing roof looked rather insubstantial compared to the exterior brick walls that are three wythes or 12 inches thick. Back in the day, solid sawn lumber was actual size meaning a 2×4 really was 2 inches by 4 inches. These days what we call 2x4s are actually 1.5 by 3.5 inches. Don’t feel like you are being cheated though because even though it’s smaller it is also kiln-dried, planed smooth, and graded to verify the strength properties. The rafters on this roof are a full 2 inches by 4.5 inches, rough sawn, and who knows what grade. I am not worried about that at all because all the interior walls are load-bearing brick and there are two large beams in the attic. That means the longest rafter or joist span in the roof is no more than 6 feet, which is pretty darn short in the world of wood framing.  

The idea behind the additional roof framing was to thicken the roof cavity in order to install more insulation.  I also decided to develop the attic space into a loft, so they had to build up the bedroom ceilings into a floor. AND I decided to make ceiling vaults in the dormer roofs above the windows. The only way these changes are possible is by moving the insulation from the ceiling plane into the roof plane.  That design brings its own set of challenges and, to date, I haven’t completely worked through them all. I am hoping to have it resolved soon and my next post just might be all about it. I know it’s exciting but don’t let the anticipation ruin your weekend.

The roof rafters framed down with 2x6s

The new framing at the front wall and roof

The new vault over the front bedroom window.

Isn't that great?!

The new 2x6 floor for the loft

The access to the loft is in the hallway.

I'm not exactly sure yet how one will get up there. I'm guessing some type of rolling library ladder.

The loft! Only about three feet at the peak, but enough for storage and a futon.

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