Work has been progressing nicely and Martin, Gerry and Billy are doing a top-notch job. I had a pretty specific list of work items when I started, but when you are dealing with an old building, it sometimes has its own ideas. Luckily, Martin is very flexible and we can work out a lot of the details as we go. It also doesn’t hurt that if he needs me to drop by I can be there in ten minutes.

So what has happened this past month? Some demolition and framing, more demolition and more framing. Here’s what happened in the first week or so:

They started by gutting the bathroom and replacing the roof

This is the bathroom. We hardly knew ye!

New bathroom roof

The tiny back hallway is gone. The bathroom is now a whopping 5x8 feet instead of 5x5 feet.

Living room with ceiling removed

Kitchen gutted for real this time

Kitchen ceiling down

Front bedroom with ceilings down

That is the extent of the insulation in the house

And this is where inspiration hit. See those flat ceiling joists? What are they supporting?

Nothing but the flat ceiling. So let's get rid of them and make a vault!

See that tiny attic hatch? Let's make it bigger!

What's up in that attic space? How about a loft!

And that’s how it happens. Budgets are blown by 200% or more. One day you are worrying about paying $15 for a crowbar and the next thing you know you are looking at remote control skylights. As Mary pointed out early in the game, “Quit worrying, you are out in the passing lane now, you have to step on the gas and get moving.”

After some discussion with Martin, I decided to go for broke (literally) and insulate the roof deck and rafters rather than the ceiling. This means that the attic space would now be inside the heated building envelope. If we beef up the ceiling joists to 2×6, then that could serve as a floor and I could use the attic space for a storage area or sleeping loft or both. It could be accessed from the enlarged attic hatch out on the hallway. It would add maybe 120 sq feet of space. It doesn’t seem like much but when your other two floors are only 700 sq ft and none of those feet contain storage, it seems like a pretty good idea. So with that, the framing job doubled in scope.

But I did say no to the remote control skylight.

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