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Windows 1.0

I wrestled with the idea of window replacement for quite a while. I am not certain if the existing windows are original, but they are probably close to it. They are the classic, six-over-six, double-hung wood-sash windows that are in … Continue reading

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Unvented Attics

Great news! The building department accepted my proposal to create an unvented attic. This means we can insulate and drywall directly under the roof deck which will allow me to develop the attic space into a loft. Typically, attics are … Continue reading

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The Great Frame-Up

Framing pics! This is definitely one great job by Martin, Gerry and Billy. The existing roof looked rather insubstantial compared to the exterior brick walls that are three wythes or 12 inches thick. Back in the day, solid sawn lumber was actual size meaning a 2×4 really was 2 inches by … Continue reading

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Down Under

I dropped by the shack today to meet with the electrician and it was a total beehive of activity. Martin, Gerry and the plumber were already there. Mason and his work crew arrived while I was there, they were blocking up some … Continue reading

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Work has been progressing nicely and Martin, Gerry and Billy are doing a top-notch job. I had a pretty specific list of work items when I started, but when you are dealing with an old building, it sometimes has its own ideas. … Continue reading

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Hit the Bricks

A few people have commented how Coronation Street the place looks. I have to agree, and I have been getting a lot of great ideas from books and web sites based in the UK. The key words to use on … Continue reading

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Green bits

I know enough about energy efficient construction to know there is a lot of room for improvement in the little old shack. To get a baseline I booked an energy audit through the province’s Energuide for Houses program. Reports of its death have been greatly … Continue reading

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