Etiam progredieris!

If Mary keeps commenting I won’t ever have to come up with an original title for a new post. Good stuff.

Here are a couple of progress pics showing the first few drywall hits by my sister Ann and her sister-in-law Cabrini when they stopped for a look one Sunday afternoon. They had a go at the front room hearth and uncovered a lovely little brick archway. It is indeed a doorway into Apostle 10’s front room. There is another covered up doorway directly opposite on  the wall beween me and Apostle 12. They kindly came over that day and asked us not to remove that drywall yet since they had built their bookshelf into the opening right up to the back of the drywall.  I was very relieved to hear that because I had noticed there was a lot of sound transfer through that wall which was surprising given that it was supposed to be solid brick. So prior to that I was researching ways to reduce sound transmission, STC ratings, and lamenting the increased wall thickness/loss of floor space that would entail. The easiest solution for now is to hire a mason and get that sucker bricked up.

Let the renovating begin!

The longlost arched doorway

So that hearth is not an actual fireplace. Word on the street is that it was the home of the former coal stove. You can still see the old stove pipe opening and the square clean-out below. There was a slate mantel there at one time as well. It was rather inexpertly smashed off at some point. I am thinking about replacing it with a new piece of slate. Apparently Halifax is built on the stuff so it should be easy to find a local source.

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1 Response to Etiam progredieris!

  1. I’m going to assume that “etiam progredieris” means, “Oh, good Lord, what have I gotten myself into??” Or “Holy, coal stove!” No? Well, it does seem there is a good deal of progress, but what a project. Remember, if you get into trouble, call Holmes on Homes and he can lend a hand in his tight t-shirt. Just a thought.

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